Community & Safety Guidelines


Share your service details with loved ones while en route to a service location, take a picture and share the user's profile and location with a friend(S) or family member(S). Make sure they respond to your message.


Have the person confirm your name
In addition to the person's profile safety steps, you can also ask the person to confirm your name before the service starts or you engage the person. You both see each other's first name in the app. To safely exchange names, you can ask, “Who are you here to meet?”.


Give feedback about your service
After each service, you’re asked in the app to rate your provider. Your feedback helps keep IFITDO safe and enjoyable for everyone. If you ever experience a safety issue on a service, please report it to IFITDO. Our response team will follow up.


Protect your personal information
Our technology anonymizes your phone number when you call.


Check service seeker or provide profile Every time when at a service location make sure the profile picture of the person matches their profile on the app


Follow your intuition
Trust your instincts and use your best judgment when requesting a serice with IFITDO. If you ever feel that you’re in an urgent situation, you can call your local law enforcement number . And remember, if you feel unsafe you can end the service at any time.


Be kind and respectful
please respect fellow service seekers or service providers.